Ruwisch & Kollegen GmbH: Solution Provider in Digital Signal Processing

We are an IP-licensing company located in Berlin, Germany
, with a focus on voice band audio applications.

Since 1998, our advanced degree team of engineers has developed leading edge solutions for automotive, industrial, and consumer markets; see Deployment for more information.

Our solutions comprise single and dual microphone Noise Reduction, Full-Duplex Acoustic Echo-Cancelling, and 2-Microphone Array-Technology for directional hearing.

An Eval Board is available for in-depth evaluation of the performance of our algorithms.

For an overview about sound samples of our solutions, see the Demos Videos page.

Code is available for ARM Cortex 8/9/15 NEON, Cadence Tensilica HiFi EP / HiFi 3, Analog Devices SHARC, Texas Instruments Jacinto 5 (C764) / Jacinto 6 (C66x) / OMAP (C5509), Qualcomm BlueCore5 / CSR8670; further platforms on request.

Supported Operating Systems: Linux, Android, QNX, DSPBios; further OS's on request.

Contact us for further information about business models and license conditions.